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We have been thinking about the climate crisis.

A photo in grayscale. There are 8 people standing in a dry field. They are all leaning in to look at a drone


UK. The hottest year on record.
Taiwan. The coastline is eroding. 正受侵蝕的海岸線
Ukraine. The landscape is being destroyed by war. Україна. Пейзаж, що руйнується через війну.
Brazil. Endless consumerism is suffocating nature. O consumismo sem fim esta sufocando a Natureza
Argentina. The land is being mined for oil. La tierra está siendo explotada para obtener petróleo.
India. Soil is dying. मिट्टी मर रही है
Mexico. The clean water is being extracted by corporations. El agua potable esta siendo extraída por las corporaciones
Indonesia. The trees are being hacked down. Pohon-pohon ditebang tanpa perencanaan.
Denmark. Nothing grows where the coal was dumped. Intet vokser, hvor kullet blev dumpet.

This is not a drill.

A photo in grayscale. There are two people lying amongst dry grass. There is another person sat on the ground filming these two people. A fourth person crouches over the person filming, watching through the lens of the camera.

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motherEarth international is a ThisEgg project created by teams across the world. It is a series of new dance films and a podcast series responding to the climate and ecological crisis bringing together artists from the UK, Ukraine, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, India, Mexico, Indonesia and Denmark. Instagram Twitter

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motherEarth International is supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions for Climate Action, a global programme exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology.

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