A series of dance films from across the world.

Better Late Than Never

At the bottom of a dusty, earthy ravine, a person stands just off centre, they are wearing a pale pink wrap top and wrap skirt, they raise a large rock above their heads and look towards the rock. A second person dressed in a beige top and trousers raises both arms so their face is covered. A third person’s feet are visible. The soles of their feet face the camera and they appear to be lying on top of a tall rock formation. White plastic bags are trampled and strewn in the earth and a washing tub and wooden ladder-like structure are in frame.

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Plastica Madre Tierra (Argentina)

A person with long curly black hair strides through the desert wearing a white dress and brown heeled boots. Strips of white material are tied around their ankles and drag behind them as they walk.
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The Feeling of What Happens (Brazil)

A person stands in profile in the foreground, they have long straight black hair which is blowing in a gentle wind. They look serious, their eyes look downwards. Behind them is a slightly blurred background of plastics in all different shapes, colours and sizes taking up the entire frame.
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Mitti (India)

A person stands with their arms twisted in front of their face, one leg cocked. They are wearing swathes of burnt orange cloth and a colourful mask covers their entire face.
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End Wall (Indonesia)

A person dressed in a big white dress, wearing a wig of long curly red hair, aviator goggles, and carrying enormous colourful bouquets of flowers is leaping high into the air from a swathe of grey cloth that is draped on the ground. There is a natural rock wall behind them, large boulders and a mound of broken down stone in their vicinity.
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Water Lines (Mexico)

A dark green river flanked by lush green trees with lily pads floating atop the water. In the centre of the river, a long green canoe, a person stands inside, their shoulders adorned with six large blue plastic water containers. They hold an orange plastic water container in their right hand. Their head sags and their long black hair covers their face.
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Two people with long black hair blowing in a sea breeze, their backs to the camera, both dressed in vibrant red, both holding onto a long piece of bamboo that dissects the whole frame. In the background, a white concrete wall and the sea.
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Five people are dancing in the middle of a field with long dry grass and trees behind. They all have their backs to the camera, all have their left arms held out from their bodies and bent at the elbow and right arm held out and raised above their head, their hair is swishing, the dance move looks energetic. They are dressed in shades of brown, pink, beige and orange.
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